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Beryllium (Be)

Beryllium (Be)

Certified Single Element Aqueous CRM



  • Terms and Condition's

    Terms and Conditions for Purchasing

    1.  Manufacturer / Supplier

    De Bruyn Spectroscopic Solutions

    145 Chattan Road Glenferness Kyalami


    2. Quotations & Pricing Policy

    2.1  Quoted prices are based on the relevant exchange rate prevailing at the date of quotation, and are valid only until "Expiry Date" on the quote.

    2.2  The prices quoted are only valid based on the quantities quoted on.

    Any quality variations are subjected to price changes upon acceptance of orders

    2.3   Value Added Tax is payable by the applicant on all goods purchased from De Bruyn Spectroscopic Solutions in terms of the current legislation

    2.4    All manufactured and delivered from:

    145 Chattan Road Glenferness Kyalami


    2.5  All quotations need to be signed off for acceptance,  and returned via e-mail to: with your Purchase Order.

    3. Purchase Order Policy:

    3.1  A 'Purchase Order' shall reflect:  in respect of the supply and delivery of Goods and/or Services