Why purchase a

South African manufactured product?

1.     Faster lead time

2.    Competitive Pricing

3.    Products are made to order, no bulk production that result in   

        expired stock.

4.    Solutions are prepared gravimetrically in our laboratory by a       

         highly experienced Analytical Chemist.

5.     Level 4 B-BBEE

1.     Single-Element & Multi-Element Aqueous CRM’s  are Made to   

        Clients specifications.

2.    Traceability to NIST, all starting material is at least 99,999% PURE

3.    CRM’s undergo 100% final QC checks.

4.    Accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.

5.    Protocol of ISO: 17025 / 34.

6.     If a 2nd set of CRM’s is required, We can supply from a different 


South African Manufactured
Certified Reference Material
for Spectroscopy



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